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About The Public House of Art

The Public House of Art is a new art platform with the motto: we are not a f*cking gallery! They believe that art should be accessible and affordable for all. Experience is paramount; with the help of creative agency, KesselsKramer, PHOA has created a concept where everyone feels welcome.

The Public House of Art collaborates with international artists to curate bi-annual, thematic exhibitions; eliminating the snobbish, academic barrier that often surrounds art. The art is affordable to everyone because it is offered in four sizes (House, Villa, Mansion and Castle); prices range from € 100 for the smallest size to € 2,000 for the largest.

Collaborating with artists to curate a thematic exhibition has been the most thrilling and rewarding experience!

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Brian G.
Curatorial Assistent


We're not a gallery!


Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 39


Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 39
1017 DC Amsterdam